Animatic Progress

Here are a few shots from my animatic and some notes on my process.

Warrior Storyboard 01One of my goals for this project is to figure out ways to speed up production.  I only have about 9 hours per week to work on it, so I really have to spend my time wisely. So, I’m approaching this animatic a bit differently than a traditional one.  WarriorSB02I’m not much of a storyboard artist.  I can imagine a shot in my head, but translating that to a sketch is very time consuming for me.  To make this process quicker, I started with writing out each shot – character actions, lighting, camera position, transitions, etc.  Once that was done, I tried to match my shot descriptions by posing my character models in 3D.  I also gave them some quick block-in animations.  Next I rendered out quick draft images, each frame taking less than a second to render. Finally, I composited the characters in After Effects with some temporary backgrounds, trying to match my shot descriptions.WarriorSB03This process seems to be working incredibly well for me.  I can make fast edits, changing shots and timing fairly quickly.  A cool effect of developing the animatic this way, is that it then basically serves as a block-in for the final animation.  I can easily replace the draft images and backgrounds with the final renders.

So far so good!